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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

If you’re considering signing up for the community, chances are you have some questions. We'll update this page frequently, but if there's anything missing please let us know.

Why are you doing this?

Great question. Believe it or not, running a podcast costs money. For the last two years we’ve been paying for the show out of own pockets. We want to continue growing and producing the show, but in order to so we need some recurring support. In order for us to continue producing the show, these costs need to be covered. As we’re committed to keeping the show sponsor-free you can show your support for the show by signing up for the community.

​Will the podcast still be free?​

Yes! The podcast is and will always remain free. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the show. You can listen to it in your favourite podcasting app, sponsor-free. As a community member you also have access to free downloads of podcast episodes.

I’m not a designer, is the community for me?

Absolutely. The discussions in the community range from everything including development, web, interior design, writing and marketing. This is the best place to come to discuss side projects, creativity and self-improvement. You’ll find that the advice you receive is truly valuable.

What if I pay and don't like it?

If you’re still within your first month we'll refund you, no questions asked. Just say the word and we’ll fire your cash back. We want to make sure that the community is a valuable place for you, so if you have any feedback we’d love to hear why.

How do I upgrade to the annual plan?

If you’re on a monthly plan you can upgrade to the annual plan via your billing page. From Billing you’ll see a dropdown. Select the dropdown and then the annual plan. You’ll be prorated the annual plan less the current month’s charge and immediately billed.

What happens when I cancel?

When you cancel, your account with expire at the end of the month. 

Can I get an invoice?

If you need an invoice send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send it through.